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This page covers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have a question that is not answered on this pages, please reach out to our team.

Getting Started

 Where can I report a bug or request a feature?

Bugs, features and other requests can be submitted on your Support Dashboard.

See Support for more information.

 Is there a limit to how many spaces I can join?

Using your Member.buzz account, you are able to join as many Member.buzz Spaces as you want with no limit.

 Can I change my notification settings?

As a Space Organizer, you will get notifications whenever something happens on your Space. If you want to disable some of your notifications, you can do so via the Communication tab in your Account Dashboard:

 Where can I see what new features that have been released?

Information on features and fixes that have recently been released can be found in our Changelog.  You can quickly access this page using the Changelog Popup in the Navigation Bar:Information on future functionality can be found in our Roadmap.

 How do I make another Member a contributor or an administrator for an Event?

Permissions for Events can be modified when editing the Event.


 How do I recover my account if I forget my password?

The password for your Member.buzz account can be changed via any Member.buzz Space. Just press the Password Reset button on the Login Page.

 How do I change my primary email?

Click on your name/account in the upper right corner and select Dashboard, then Profile.  To change your email associated with your account, click on the Email tab and edit the email you would like to make your primary. Check the Primary box and save.

 How can I change my password?

Click on your name/account in the upper right corner and select Dashboard, then Profile. To change your password associated with your account, click on the Password tab.

 Do I need a separate account for each Space?

You can login to every single Member.buzz Space using a single Member.buzz account.

 How many emails can I have associated with my Member.buzz account?

You can associate as many emails as you like with your Member.buzz account. However, we will only send receipts and notifications to your primary email.

 Can I use my Member.buzz account to register for a different Space than the one I originally registered for?

Absolutely! Member.buzz was built with portability in mind; your one login is valid for any other Member.buzz Space, provided you meet their registration requirements.

 How much does it cost to be a Member of a Space on Member.buzz?

Member.buzz is free to use and create as much Content as you like! However, each Space Organizer can decide whether they want to offer paid Memberships.

 If I pay for a membership on one Member.buzz space, do I need to pay for it on another?

While you can use the same login details for more than one Space, each Space is an entirely separate domain with its own Membership requirements.

The cost of being a Member of a specific group is set by each individual Space. Some Spaces may have multiple levels of Membership, ranging from free to any price.

 How long does my Member.buzz membership last?

The length of time each Membership is valid on any given Space is up to the Space organizers. Membership terms can be month to month, annual, or even forever! Contact the Organizers if you are curious about any specific Space’s Membership term limits.

 What kind of personal information can other people see about me?

The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to Member.buzz and is only ever displayed in required situations. 

Space Organizers can only Members’ names (if provided), user names, and email addresses. Organizers with explicit Permissions are also able to see purchases made on their Space, and any information submitted by Form. 

Additionally, if a Member makes a comment on a Space, anyone with access to the page where the comment was made will be able to see that Member’s username, or their full name if the Member has added their full name to their profile.

 Can I start my own club on Member.buzz?

Yes! Getting your own Space on Member.buzz is a great way to bring your organization or group together all in once place. For guides on how to create and use a Member.buzz Space, please see the Organizer’s support site.

 I want to upgrade my membership for a Space, how do I do that?

If you would like to upgrade your membership on a Space with multiple membership levels, go to your Account page while on the Space you want the new Membership on and click the Exchange button under Membership and select your desired Membership level. Note, you will be charged the cost of the new Membership if it is not a free Membership.   

 Why don't I see all of the events being thrown by my group?

Depending on your level of Membership on a Member.buzz Space, there may be some Events that the Space Organizers have restricted to people with certain Memberships. If you believe that you are being excluded from Events you should have access to, please confirm your Membership level and contact your Space Organizers.

 How do I become an organizer with my group?

Any Member may be given Permission to edit Content on a Member.buzz Space, either in part or in full; however, the policy for who is given Permissions is up to the current Space Organizers. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Space Organizer, please contact a current Space Organizer.


 Which currencies are supported?

Member.buzz can currently only process US Dollars (USD). However, we are actively working to support additional currencies. Our plan is to soon support British Pounds (GBP) and Euros (EUR), followed by many more.

See Commerce for up-to-date information

 Which credit cards are supported?

Member.buzz accepts payments through all major credit cards that are capable of making charges in US Dollars, including:


As we increase the number of currencies that we support, we will also work to increase our support of local credit card cards.

 How much does Member.buzz cost?

Is is completely free to create an unlimited amount of Content for all of your users on Member.buzz. If you decide to create content that can be sold, then Member.buzz will pass along a small fee to help process the transaction with the credit card companies. You can read more in our Commerce documentation.

 If I buy something (like a ticket) on Member.buzz, can I get a refund?

While Member.buzz allows for refunds to be issued by Space organizers to Space Members, each Space defines its own policies surrounding refunds. If you have made a purchase that you wish to have refunded, you will need to contact the Organizers of the Space where the purchase was made.


 How can I restore deleted content?

The Recycle Dashboard stores deleted Content and allows it to be restored.

 What type of files can I upload?

You can upload and manage a wide variety of files using your Member.buzz Space, see Files for detailed information.


 Does Member.buzz support custom sitemaps?

Sitemaps are used by search engines to understand the content on your Space.

A custom sitemap is automatically generated for each Member.buzz Space based on the Content that you have created.