The Layout Setup Dashboard of your Space allows you to configure the general look and feel across all of the content in your Space.

Your Layout Setup Dashboard does not have any affect on the look-and-feel of your Dashboard.


To modify your Menus, go to your Dashboard, select Design and then select Menus. Once there, you can see a list of all of the Menus you have created, with the option of editing or deleting any of them. By default, Spaces start with these Menus: People, Events, and Contact. You can change the order in which Menus appear on your Default Page by using the arrows to the right of the Menu captions. 

Once there, you can alter which Menus appear on your Default Page by adding, removing, or editing your Menus. To add a Menu, first click the green +Add button. You will then be prompted to select which type of Menu you want.

Menu Types

There are three Menu type options:


These Menus link to another part of your Space. 

These menus link to external sites, not on the domain.
These Menus do not contain active external or internal links, but still appear on your Homepage.

After you choose your Menu type, you can enter your caption. This will be what appears at the top of your Default Page.

If it is an Internal Menu, you will then enter which path your link will make. This will be what appears on the destination URL after your Default Page's domain. If it is an External Menu, you can simply enter the address of your Menu's destination. 

Next Steps

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