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This page provides an overview of how to access and navigate around your Dashboard.

Space vs. Dashboard

Each Space consists of a series of Posts which can include Articles, Events, Forms, Invoices, and more.  When a Member first registers for a Space, they will primarily interact with this content, reading Articles, purchasing a Ticket for an Event, filling out a Form, etc.

As an Organizer, you will create and manage your Posts using your Space's Dashboard, which you can navigate to using the Navigation Bar:Organizers have access to all areas of the Dashboard, while Members can only see a limited selection.  Organizers can grant access to any area of the Dashboard to their individual Members as well using Capabilities.


On the Dashboard, you will find the following areas:


This is your personal Member.buzz Profile and will synchronize across all of your Spaces.  Each Member will have access to this area to customize their own Profile.


Here you will find the account information regarding your Space. This will include Membership Roles and Sales.  Each Member will also have access to this area to manage their relationship with your Space.


This is where a Posts are created for a Space.  Only Organizers and those who have been given permission to a specific Post Type will have access to this menu.

This section contains all of the managerial items of a Space.


The Setup tab on your Dashboard is used to set up the basic properties of your Space.

This is where you can get support and request help from a member of our team.

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