There are several places throughout where you are able to upload, organize, and share files.  The following file types are currently supported:

Archives 500 MB MAX
rar, zip

Audio500 MB MAX

Documents500 MB MAX
doc, docx

Favicons100 MB MAX

Images100 MB MAX
bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, png


Presentations500 MB MAX
ppt, pptx

Spreadsheets500 MB MAX
xls, xlsx

Video3 GB MAX
avi, ogg, ogv, m4v, mp4, mpg, mpeg, webm

You can see all of the files uploaded to your Space via your Manage Files Dashboard.

Image Sizing

Throughout you have the option of uploading images to help improve the design of your content.


Banners are images that span the entire width of a page.  The suggested ratio for banners is at least 3:1.


Social Images are used by external social media platforms to display a preview image when a link to content contained within a Space is included in a post.  Each social media platform has their own standards, but we recommend using the following guidelines:

Ratio (width x height):
Size (width x height):
1200px by 630px
We recommend a minimum size of 600px by 315px.  While images as small as 200px by 200px may be shown by social media platforms, the image will be shown as a smaller image in the link preview.

If you have recently updated a social image, the old image may still appear in a post.  To clear this cache, you can use the Facebook Debugger, Twitter Card Validator, Pinterest Debugger, or the LinkedIn Post Inspector, depending on the social media network that you are using.

For more information on uploading a social image for your entire Space, see Logos.

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