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Member.buzz allows you to collect payments for a variety of Post Types.  This contains some of the basic information on how payments are collected.

This page contains general information about the payments capabilities of Member.buzz.  For information on how to manage payments in your Space, see Commerce.


Member.buzz accepts a growing number of currencies to assure access to as many customers around the world. In the table below you can find the currently accepted currencies, as well as the currencies which will be accepted in the future.


U.S. Dollar
Coming Soon


British Pound

Japanese Yen

Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc

Chinese Yuan

Payment Methods

Member.buzz accepts payments through all major credit cards.



Setting up a Discount is easy at Member.buzz, which can be given to individual Members, or specific Membership types or Membership categories.

If you have any other questions regarding discounts, feel free to ask the support team at support@member.buzz.


A Dispute occurs when one of your customers informs their bank that their account was used to make a purchase without their consent.  Whenever a dispute is filed against your Space, you will have an opportunity to respond with evidence that the customer actually did purchase your goods.

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