In order to protect against spam and fraud, attaches a reputation level to each Space.  As a Space becomes established and processes a high level of payments without incident, its reputation level will automatically increase.


Indicates that the Space has extensively leveraged our platform over an extended period of time with virtually no negative incidents.


Indicates that the Space has leveraged our platform over an extended period of time with almost no negative incidents.


The Space has started to use a variety of our features over a period of time with few negative incidents.


The Space is new or has received a few negative incidents.


The Space has been part of several negative incidents or has been flagged as a fraud risk.


The Space has been part of many negative incidents or has been confirmed as fraudulent. This will result all payments and transfers being disabled on the Space.

Each Space's current reputation can be found on its Configuration Dashboard.

Calculating Reputation

A Space's reputation level is calculated and adjusted automatically using's proprietary artificial intelligence.  However, reputation is generally affected by the following factors:

Space Age
The longer a Space has been around, the higher its reputation will tend to be (and stay).

Spam Reports
Reports on the misuse of our features to create spam decreases a Space's reputation.

Payment Disputes
Excessive disputed payments will drastically decrease a Space's reputation.

Excessive Refunds
If a Space receives excessive refunds, it can negatively impact reputation.

Trusted Spaces

In some circumstances, a Space is able to get fast-tracked to a higher reputation.  This involves an interview to confirm the identity of the primary organizer.  If you are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact us.

Reputation Implications

The implications of Space reputation may change over time and without warning. This helps us to combat fraud on our platform.

A Space's reputation level has several important implications:

Availability Buffer
The extra time required before the money from a transaction is available to be transferred to a bank account. Note that this is only the minimum amount of time; a transaction's availability can also be impacted by a variety of other factors, including country of origin, payment method, and more.

Transfer Reserve
The minimum amount of money, as a percentage of the Space's last 30 days of transactions, that must be kept in the Space to cover refunds and disputes.

Using our platform to commit fraud is a clear violation of our Terms of Service and will result in a lifetime ban.  If your Space has been banned or your reputation has decreased to a level where your payments have been disabled, you can contact us with an explanation.

Suspected Fraud or Spam

If you suspect a Space of committing fraud or spam, please let us know right away.