Events allow you to sell tickets to your Members to permit them to participate in virtual or in-person events.

You can create a new event by navigating to your Event Dashboard on your Space:


You can add tickets for your events through the Tickets tab. Click the Add button, then you can enter a description, price, quantity, and time at which the tickets start and stop being available. Members who wish to attend the event are then able to purchase tickets.

Creating a Discount

You can apply ticket discounts for a certain membership types. This will be applied to that Members account checkout. Learn about applying discounts here.

Creating Custom Fields

Similar to the Forms Module, you can customize the Fields your guests need to fill out before they purchase their ticket. For example, you may want to include a drop down menu where they need to select a t-shirt size.


Manage who can view this event. Do you want to make the event available only to your organization's Members? Then set the permission level to Restricted.


Upload pictures related to your event. Is this the second annual event? Then upload pictures from the previous year's event to get people excited about the upcoming one!

Check out this article to learn about media uploads.

Viewing Guests

Once an event has been created, you can view the people who have purchased tickets and which type of ticket they have purchased. Press the Checkin button on the top right of the event for which you would like to view information.

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