The Configuration Setup Dashboard allows you to change the basic properties of your Space:The following basic settings are available:

Space Name
The official name of your Space that appears in a standard web browser.
Statement Descriptor

The name that appears on your credit card statement for any transactions that take place.  This must contain between 5 and 19 alphanumeric or special characters except for < > \ ' " * with at least one character being a letter.

Choosing a descriptive statement descriptor will help your customers recognize payments that they make on their bank or credit card statements and will help avoid payment disputes.

Statement descriptors should not contain common terms or website URLs.

The custom part of your Space's domain address, which by default gives your site the URL, where slug is the slug you choose for your Space.
A description for your Space which will be displayed by search engines.
Contact Email
An email address that is associated with your Space.
Contact Address
An address that is associated with your Space.


You have the option to provide as many or as few social links as you would like. Any links you include will appear in your default Space Footer.


Below the properties, there is a checklist of Dashboard modules that can either be enabled or disabled depending on your Space's needs. By default, all modules are enabled. However, if some Content types do not pertain to your Space, you can disable them here.

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