Convincing people to register with your Space is one of the key functionalities of  Your Members can be your Users, Employees, Voters, or whatever else makes sense for your group or organization.

To see a list of your Members, navigate to your Member Dashboard:

Sending a Membership Invitation

To make things easier for perspective Members, you can send individuals a Membership Invitation which will generate an email a private link for them to join your Space.

While Invitations can be used with any Membership, they are especially useful for Invite Only Memberships.

Creating an Invitation

Invitations are created on the Members Dashboard, by clicking the invitation toolbar button:When creating an Invitation, you have a variety of options:

Optionally specify an expiration for an invitation. After the expiration date, a new Invitation will need to be generated for the user to utilize it.
Optionally specify a Membership to associate with the Invitation. You can Invite a user to join any Membership on your Space.
Email or User*

You must choose a User from your Space or specify an email when creating an Invitation.

Once an Invitation is sent, an email is sent to the recipient containing a link with a unique code that gives them the ability to register for your Space (and optionally restricting them to registering using a specific Membership if one was specified when it was created).

Accepting an Invitation

After an Invitation has been created, an email will be sent to the recipient with a unique link, which they can then use to accept the request.  If you would like to access the link directly, you can do so by clicking the copy invitation link button.

Assigning a Membership

While Members will normally manage their Membership on their own, it can sometimes be necessary to manually specify which Membership they belong to.  For instance, this can be useful if they have paid for a Membership outside of the Platform.

Assigning a paid Membership to a Member assumes that they have paid for the Membership outside of the Platform; there card will therefore not be charged.  Additionally, if a Member has paid for their existing Membership through the Platform, any remaining value in their Membership will be refunded before assigning new Membership.

To assign a Membership, navigate to the Member Dashboard and edit the target Member:

Deleting a Member

Members can be deleted in the Member Dashboard by selecting the Delete button while editing.

A Member can only be deleted if the following conditions are true:

  1. If the Member is an Organizer of your Space, there must be at least one other Organizer.
  2. The Member must have no paid transactions.

If you just want to stop a Member from signing into your Space, you can alternatively mark them as blocked.

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