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This provides an overview of the terminology used through Member.buzz's platform and this documentation.

General Terms

A Space on Member.buzz refers to the customizable website that your group uses to create content and manage members. Spaces are managed using its Dashboard (See Dashboard).
The Dashboard is the area in your Space used to create content.
The profiles tab of your dashboard will showcase personal information about you personally. You can add other social links for people to view, a personal summary, relationship status, and more.
Provides the overview of your space's activities, from ticket sales to revenue. It additionally provides information about your account type and specific roles you have within a space.
Content Instance
An individual occurrence of a type of content.
Content Module
Settings pertaining to an entire type of content.

Content Types

There are a variety of Content Types available on Member.buzz.  Each one has a section in your Space's Dashboard.

The article tab of your dashboard is where you and any approved members can publish articles to display in your public space.
The event tab of your dashboard is where you can add/edit all events you want to display in your space.
You can create customizable forms to gather information from your members.
A Fundraiser allows you to collect donations.
Memberships are offered to Members, allowing them to join your Space.
A Newsletter is an email distribution sent to your members or a group of contacts.
Invoices offers Organizers the ability to request a payment from someone.