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Member.buzz takes privacy concerns very seriously.  This document outlines some of the specifics around how you can opt-in or opt-out of having your personal information shared with the Platform and/or specific Spaces.

For our official legal privacy policy, see Legal.

Space Information

Member.buzz is a platform that helps to build relationships between group Organizers and Members.  As part of this relationship, Members will have the option of sharing personal information with Organizers of the groups that they Register for.  This will include the contact information you provide in your Profile, for example:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Custom Field Values

Your information will only be available to Organizers if you have elected to join their Space.

Confidential Information

As you use the platform, you may provide Member.buzz with some confidential information which will never be made available to Space Organizers, for instance:

  • Credit Card Information
  • Bank Account Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Password

This information undergoes multiple levels of encryption and will not be retrievable in its original form once submitted.

Custom Fields

Groups can optionally create Custom Fields to gather information from their Members.  Unlike built-in fields, Member.buzz does not have ultimate control over the type of information that Organizers gather from their Members.

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