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If you are new to, you need to register for your account on a Space or the Homepage.  Here, we register for a new Account using Penguin Club:

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If you already have an account that you setup on another Space, you can use it to register for a new Space.  First, login to the Space that you want to join with your existing account, then you can Register for the new Space:

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In order for you to interact with a Space, you must Register to become a Member.  You are able to register for as many Spaces as you want from your single set of Credentials.  If you are already a Member of a Space, you must login using your existing credentials.


As a Visitor, you can register for a Space by clicking on the Register button in the Menu Bar:

To access this page if this button has been disabled or changed, simply add /register after the Space's URL, for example:

During the registration process, you will have the option of logging in with your existing credentials.  If you choose not to login, then a new User will be created for you.

Membership Selection

Each Space is capable of having one or more Memberships available.  During the registration process, you will be given the choice between any available Memberships on that Space.

If it is a paid Membership, you will have the ability to enter their payment information directly into the registration form.


If you have already registered for a Space but you are accessing the Space from a new computer, you can login using the Login button in the Navigation Bar:

To access this page if the Navigation Bar has been disabled, add /login after a Space's URL, for example:

You will remain logged in to a Space until you logout.