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This page provides an overview of the terminology used through's platform and this documentation.

General Terms

Below are some of our most general terminology to help you get acquainted with our platform. 


Definition List

SpaceA Space on refers to the customizable website that your group uses to create Content and manage Members. Spaces are managed using their Dashboards (See NavigationDashboard).
DashboardThe Dashboard is the area in your Space used to create Content.
ProfileThe Profile tab of your Dashboard will showcase personal information about you. You can add other social links, a personal summary, a relationship status, and more.
AccountAccount provides the overview of your Space's activities, from ticket sales to revenue. Additionally, it provides information about your account type and the specific Roles you have within a Space.
PostAn individual occurrence of a type of Content.
Post TypeSettings pertaining to an entire type of Content.

Status Types

A Account allows you to login and interact with any Space using our Platform.  Your status will change depending on your relationship with a Space.


Definition List

VisitorA visitor is an unknown person who comes to your Space. 
UserA User is someone who has signed into your Space but has not yet chosen a Membership.
MemberMembers are Users who have registered for a specific Membership and can be assigned specific Capabilities to access content.
OrganizerOrganizers have full administrative access to everything on a Space.

Post Types

There are a variety of Post Types available on Each one has a section in your Space's Dashboard.


Definition List


Articles allows you to create a blog post to share with the public or specific Members within your group. 


With an Event Post, you can promote live and digital events, sell tickets to members, upload photos, check-in guests and more. .. + community

FormYou can create customizable Forms to gather information from your Members. 
FundraiserA Fundraiser allows you to collect donations for specific causes important to your Organization or raise funds via crowdfunding. 
MembershipMemberships are offered to Members, allowing them to join your Space.
NewslettersA Newsletter is an email distribution sent to your Members or a group of contacts.
InvoiceInvoices offers Organizers the ability to request a payment from someone.

Roles and Permissions

Space Organizers have full control over everything in their Space. However, individual Members can also be given control of a Content Instance or an entire Content Module.


Definition List

AccessibilityControlling access to Content on your site is accomplished through managing the capabilities of your Members.

There are four Statuses a person viewing your Space can have:

  • Visitor: The user has not yet signed in.
  • Blocked
  • User
  • Member
  • Organizer
RoleA Role controls access to an entire Module.
PermissionA Permission controls access to a specific Content Instance.


Many Content types have been designed to allow a Space's Organizers to sell to their Members.


Definition List


After a transaction occurs, organizations will have to wait two business days until they can transfer it into their bank account.

AvailableAfter a transaction has successfully gone through, and two business days have passes, a Space's administrator can transfer the funds into their respective bank account.