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This document section covers the necessary various steps needed to setup a Partner Account, which gives you access to professional email through


Before you get started, make sure to setup your custom domain on your Space.

The <Domain Key> below can be derived by replacing any periods in your domain with hyphens.  For instance, the Domain Key for  would be member-buzz.  If you have any hyphens or underscores in your domain name, you will need a custom key which will be provided by our support team.

The <Verification Key> below will be provided by a member of our support team.

RecordHostDestinationCNAMEautodiscoverautodiscover.member.buzzenterpriseenrollmententerpriseenrollment.member.buzzenterpriseregistrationenterpriseregistration.member.buzzlyncdiscoverlyncdiscover.member.buzzlyncdiscoverinternallyncdiscoverinternal.member.buzzmsoidmsoid.member.buzzsipsip.member.buzzs1._domainkeys1.smtp.member.buzzs2._domainkeys2.smtp.member.buzzTXT@MS=<Verification Key>@v=spf1 a mx ~allMX@<Domain Key>

After your custom domain has been approved and you have verified that it is functioning correctly, the DNS Verification Records can be removed.

NextstepsLearn how to manage your Partner Account

your Partner account.



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